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I will rebrand or white label nextcloud windows desktop app


If you are utilizing Nextcloud within your organization and would like to rebrand or customize the Nextcloud Windows desktop application to align with your brand’s specific requirements, I welcome you to reach out to me for a discussion.

Please read these notes before contacting:

Note-1: The end user should provide the assets in the format required by the app.

Note-2: App signing (code signing) will incur an additional cost, and the end user is responsible for providing the certificate. Kindly refer to the Gig prices and details for information regarding code signing prices.

Note-3: The app name can only be in English and should not contain any spaces, as stated in the Nextcloud build guidelines.

Note-4: Rebranding entails modifying various elements such as assets, app name, and links. However, any additional requests beyond rebranding, such as the inclusion of a hard-coded Nextcloud URL in the login screen with the ability to disable user modifications, would be considered a feature request.

Note-5: Code signing is charged extra. Please check Gig packages.


If you wish to utilize the revisions offered, please make sure to use them within the project timeline.

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