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I will set up converting email flows in klaviyo


Need Klaviyo Flows That Converts?

If you are running an ecommerce store, you need emails done right. Period.

Thats where 20-40% of your revenue should come from.

But…butits so much work

No its not.

My name is Reebs and I can setup email flows THAT ARE TRIED & TESTED.

I will help you AUTOMATE your emails within 2-3 days.

Without your having to learn the platform, writing emails, or setting them up.

This way, you get to:

–     Work on the more important stuff

–     Enjoy extra revenue

–     Provide better experience to your customers.

Whatll you get?

1 Branded email template

2 Klaviyo Integration

3 – Automated Klaviyo flows

4 – Lead-generation pop-up



The Email Flows Include:

1 – Abandoned Cart Flow X 4

2 – Browse Abandonment Flow X 1

3 – Customer Thank You X 2

4 – Customer Winback Flow X 3

5 – Post Purchase Flow X 4

6 – Welcome Flow X 4

7 – Delayed Abandoned Cart X 1

8 – Post-Purchase Upsell X 1

9 – VIP Flow X 4


Ready to work on your email marketing strategy? Drop me a message today!

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