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I will take property photography in London, UK, and areas


Please note that the Delivery Time is exaggerated – This is mainly due to the logistics of the Gig and is dependent on access to the property, location, size, etc. It’s best to message me beforehand so we can discuss your requirements.

The revision amount refers to the number of Photo Edits I will do, but not the photoshoot itself.

I will take professional photographs of your property in London, United Kingdom. I have 5 years of experience.

From a technical point of view, all photographs will be taken with a Full Frame camera using a wide-angle lens (12-24mm). On top of natural light, I will also use lights to illuminate the interiors and blend them during the editing process to achieve natural, but bright-looking spaces.

Please make sure to contact me before placing an order, as we have to resolve the logistics (for example location and access to the property etc.) and the scope of work required.

This way I can provide a more accurate quote and send a custom order to you.

I expect that the property would be adequately prepared for the photo shoot (i.e.. cleaned, items stored in the wardrobe, etc. oven gloves/tea towels hidden in the kitchen cabinets, etc.).

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