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I will tuning, timing, mixing and mastering for singers and utaites


About this gig

Hello! I’m a sound engineer with more than 300 project and over 1M views with Utaite on Youtube.

You can kindly check my portfolio on my YT 🙂

My YT link:

‘m a sound engineer with years of experience in Mixing Vocal for Utaite cover songs

So I would love to help you to create/finish your project and help singers out there especially utaite who need their own vocals to be mixed and mastered!

My Equipment & Software: 

  • Audio Technica ATH M40x, AKG Q701 Quincy Edition, Yamaha HS5 Speaker Monitor for Monitoring
  • DAW: FL Studio 20 for Mixing and Mastering
  • Melodyne 5 for Manual Pitch Correction
  • Plugins: Arturia, Waves, Slate Digital, Soundtoys, FabFilter, Izotope Ozone 9, Antares, Melodyne, Izotope RX7 for vocal cleaning

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