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I will write sales copy for a sales page, sales funnel, landing page, sales copywriting


About this gig

You have a pain – You can’t find a copywriter who converts.

I’m here to be your Icy Hot. Icy to dull the pain, hot to relax it away.

I know how to (and do) convert. It’s simple, but no one will do the dirty work.

What’s the dirty work?

Well, I’m essentially a proctologist. Your customers have a pain in their butt, and it’s my job to find it, and the remedy?

A prescription to your product or service.

Okay, stop thinking about butts for a second.

What I do is stalk your customers like your crazy stalker ex — on forums, social media, Youtube comments, and Amazon product reviews. I study them, I learn about them, AND THEN I BLAST ALL THEIR DIRT ON SOCIAL MEDIA.

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