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I will write sales email copy that converts instantly


About this gig

You know how they say, “Email list is your business’s #1 asset.”

Let me add something to it…

Just like a car needs fuel to work; your email list needs powerful emails to convert.

And now for the good news?

You’re already at the right spot for high-converting email copy!

How I write compelling sales email copy in 4 simple steps:

1) Attention grabbing headline – which compels your prospects to open the email right away.

2) Powerful hook – that grabs your readers by the throat from the very first line and makes them read through the rest of the email.

3) Highly persuasive email body – that connects with your prospects at a deeper level and sells them your product/service on a subconscious level without them even realizing.

4) Hypnotic CTA – so they have no other option but to land on your order page and buy your product/service.

Do you begin to notice how hiring me as your email copywriter will significantly boost your sales and take your business to the next level?

Got any questions before ordering? Send me a message and let’s talk!

Your Email Copywriter,

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