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I will write targeted email sales copy in 24 hours


About this gig

Are You Looking For Laser Targeted Email Sales Copy To Help Improve Your Conversion Rates?

If yes, I can help you.

You see…Email is the lifeblood of internet communication.

If you want to build a meaningful relationship with your clients, this is the platform to explain why they should select your product.

I can help you by writing email sales copy that targets what actually matters to your audience: their pain areas, real wants, and goals.

Instead of informing them about your latest product, I introduce them to the solutions you offer. Do you have a unique product/service deal? I can frame it as an opportunity for them to pamper themselves with your product/service.


  1. A title that piques their interest and entices them to open and read your mail.
  2. Highly engaging text that entices the reader to visit your website or take advantage of your offer.
  3. A strong call to action that entices people to click on the links to your website/offer.

Allow me to assist you in creating targeted email sales copy that will captivate readers and earn you more clicks and revenues.

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