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I will write your song lyrics and melody


Please message me before purchasing to discuss your specific requirements.

If you are looking to collaborate on the songwriting delivery may require longer time than the stated delivery time.

  • Original Music and Lyrics suited for your project.
  • Verses, Chorus’, Hook’s, Bridges and whatever your project requires.
  • Song’s include written lyrics as well as a vocal recording.
  • You can choose if you want your song to be written with a guitar or piano accompaniment.

My Basic Package covers: aiding a songs lyrics on a pdf

My Standard package covers: aiding a couple of sections of the song with both lyrics and melody. (A pdf and audio file)

For my premium package you will receive;

  • Demo Vocals of your newly written melody
  • Accompaniment include either guitar or piano
  • a pdf of the lyrics written with key/bpm

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The wav/mp3 you receive is strictly a demo to be used as a guide for who will sing the melody. You are not to use my vocals in the final recording without permission. I often record with autotune. If you require additional files please request them within 30 days of our gig, otherwise they will be deleted.

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